August 25, 2011

What? An 80's Slasher Flick I Haven't Seen?

Oh the shame! Oh the horror! This simply cannot be! And... yet... the modern wonders of Netflix have proven me wrong.

I was practically raised on Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Nearly everything my parents watched could fit into one of these three categories (sometimes all three). My father, especially, was obsessed with horror. I'm pretty sure I watched "Halloween" before I saw "The Little Mermaid". I had (erroneously) assumed that I had seen EVERY horror movie (whether or not it was any good) made in the 80's in particular (as well as the vast majority of those made before and since).

Yesterday, I watched "Hell Night", starring Linda Blair, on Netflix (streaming live over my Xbox). Now, I didn't know that Linda Blair had made anything other than the first two "Exorcist" movies, and stuff that references that story line (i.e. "Repossessed"). You know - like that one guy from Alien; the one who died first, when the alien jumped out of his chest at the dinner scene. Has he done anything other than that, and a variety of comedic skits that reference that one well-known scene?

Well - wrong again. Apparently, "Exorcist" and related stuff, is not the only thing Linda Blair ever did! She also, much to my surprise, did an 80's slasher/killer movie, "Hell Night". She was a teenager, judging by the timing of the movie and how she looked. Honestly - it was pretty good (If, like me, you're into that kind of film).

I don't know why she wasn't cast in much else, unless she just didn't want to do it anymore. OR, perhaps some Hollywood poopy-face (that's right - I said it!) felt that audiences wouldn't respond well to the fact that she still looked so very young.

Poor, poor Linda Blair.

And god came down and said, "I shall make you age slowly and gracefully, so that women everywhere, and Hollywood horror movie producers, shall shun and despise you."

**The above is just a joke. I wasn't there. I have no idea what anyone at all may have said to Linda Blair, at any time in her life or career.**

August 24, 2011

On Finding Time to Write...

I really should be blogging more. I enjoy it and it's a great way to strengthen my writing skills, without any added pressure (beyond whatever I put on myself). But, lately, I've been preoccupied with trying to find the time to write and/or revise a number of book ideas I've had bouncing around in my head, messily brain-stormed on paper, partially outlined and fleshed out, and (one) even a completed rough draft.

The one completed rough draft is for a YA fantasy novel that I started working on about 9 years ago now (embarrassingly enough). Since then, much has changed insofar as the direction I want to take with the story (and, now, I want to turn it into a series - trilogy most likely). And, of course, I found myself inspired to write an entirely different kind of novel (sci-fi/horror). Now there's an internal struggle regarding which to start with (and STICK with!) before moving on to the next project.


I'm not the best with time management anyway. Honestly, I suck at it - it's a HUGE weak point for me. So, time has a way of moving far too quickly for me to keep up with my usual lists of things that NEED to get done. And, as any parent can attest to, working a reasonable schedule around the (often chaotic) needs of (multiple) children, can be a challenge of epic proportions (even if you don't have my inherent issues with managing your time).


Currently, my goal is to update my blog at least weekly, and write/revise 5-10 pages of whichever book I (quickly!) decide to start with per day. A lofty goal? Particularly with 3 kids and another on the way? Maybe. But, I am an optimist. A sarcastic, overly-emotional right now, temperamental optimist. BUT - an optimist just the same.

March 8, 2011

But... I'm not old enough to have a daughter who is NINE!

My eldest child celebrated her ninth birthday just a week ago. And, you know what? It's not fair!! She can't possibly be nine years old; there's no way.

Yes, I know that I sound like everyone's parents always sounded, every time we thought, "I'll never say/do/be like that." I'm alright with that at this point in my life.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese twice last week, once on Monday, and then again on Friday. We HAD planned the Monday trip; Friday was just one of those spontaneous, at the urging of grandma kind of things. I DEFINITELY suggest going on Mondays! It's great to have so few people crammed into that building, especially the rather small one that we go to. Friday wasn't as bad as it could have been, but around 5:00 p.m. - there was a sudden influx of people. I felt like a sardine. I nearly flipped out. It was horrible. I'm scarred. Really.

Now, everything is back to normal. My feet don't hurt from running after children for 6 hours. My hand has very nearly healed from my decidedly stupid accidental stabbing (I was trying to pry apart frozen ground beef patties with one of the sharpest knives I have ever used - Don't do that! Stabbing yourself hurts! Presumably, being stabbed by another would also hurt; but it would be less embarrassing, I would think).

Why does she have to be nine? Nine is half way to adulthood. HALF of her childhood has flown by in what seems like an instant.

I need cheese...

To go with my whine...