August 24, 2011

On Finding Time to Write...

I really should be blogging more. I enjoy it and it's a great way to strengthen my writing skills, without any added pressure (beyond whatever I put on myself). But, lately, I've been preoccupied with trying to find the time to write and/or revise a number of book ideas I've had bouncing around in my head, messily brain-stormed on paper, partially outlined and fleshed out, and (one) even a completed rough draft.

The one completed rough draft is for a YA fantasy novel that I started working on about 9 years ago now (embarrassingly enough). Since then, much has changed insofar as the direction I want to take with the story (and, now, I want to turn it into a series - trilogy most likely). And, of course, I found myself inspired to write an entirely different kind of novel (sci-fi/horror). Now there's an internal struggle regarding which to start with (and STICK with!) before moving on to the next project.


I'm not the best with time management anyway. Honestly, I suck at it - it's a HUGE weak point for me. So, time has a way of moving far too quickly for me to keep up with my usual lists of things that NEED to get done. And, as any parent can attest to, working a reasonable schedule around the (often chaotic) needs of (multiple) children, can be a challenge of epic proportions (even if you don't have my inherent issues with managing your time).


Currently, my goal is to update my blog at least weekly, and write/revise 5-10 pages of whichever book I (quickly!) decide to start with per day. A lofty goal? Particularly with 3 kids and another on the way? Maybe. But, I am an optimist. A sarcastic, overly-emotional right now, temperamental optimist. BUT - an optimist just the same.

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