January 23, 2010

The Pregnant Personality

I've come to the conclusion that you can tell what basic type of personality a child will have, by analyzing the personality [changes] of mom while she's pregnant.

With my first daughter, now 7 years old, I was highly - OVERLY - sensitive. Mind you, many of the things I found myself crying over were based on legitimate concerns or upsets. Still, these were things that I would have become ticked off about, or sad without tears necessarily, prior to becoming pregnant. Once I was pregnant with her, forget it!

I literally had to run outside one time, so that I could cry without getting into an argument with my husband over whether or not I was lying about not knowing why I was crying. I had been standing at the stove in the kitchen. I didn't know that I was pregnant yet (at that time, we were under the impression that he couldn't contribute to the production of children naturally). Quite suddenly, I felt the nagging urge to cry. I had no reason to do so that I was aware of; I wasn't upset, sad, angry, emotionally touched, etc.

I knew, however, that if I started crying randomly in the kitchen, hubby would ask me what was wrong. I didn't want to lie to him, and I sincerely don't think I could have thought of anything believable anyway, even if I had wanted to. This was LITERALLY that random. So, I elected to choke it back long enough to step outside, under the guise that I wanted a cigarette.

I thought I was safe. My husband was on the computer, playing a game. And, at the time, having no children around, smoking was allowed in the house if he really felt the need to light up. *Sigh* No such luck. He decided to join me. As I knew would happen, he asked what he had done wrong. When I said (honestly) "nothing," an argument erupted.

Even then, it was almost comical! He was so incredibly pissed off at me for "playing games with him" and I was simply frustrated because I seriously had NO idea why I was crying.

And so that pregnancy went. I cried when I ran out of milk, ON THE WAY TO THE STORE FOR MORE MILK! Frankly, it was pretty ridiculous. Unfortunately, I didn't get a choice in the matter.

My 7 year old is overly sensitive. She always has been. My father and I have actually had conversations, through these seven years, revolving around "how on earth is she going to handle life?" She'll likely always be sensitive, but I think she's learning how to handle the things that upset her progressively better.

When I was pregnant with my now 5 year old daughter, I came out swinging. I was moody; the kind of PMS that makes men hide behind the couch, ready to chuck chocolate bars, for purposes of distraction, and run for their lives! I went from happy to ticked in mere nanoseconds.

Wouldn't you know it - that's how she is! She is a very sweet girl, don't get me wrong. But, her moods are like some little devil is in there flicking a switch on and off! And when she is angry ~ most run for cover.

For quite a few months there, when she was about two, she would head-butt the tile floor during temper tantrums. Getting her to knock that off was no easy task. And, absolutely not joking, she actually did break the tile in one spot.

With this current pregnancy, number 3, I'm not yet sure how I feel. On rare occasions, there is a bit more sensitivity or the like. However, I haven't [yet] noticed any significant changes in mood or personality. Physical changes? Oh, they're prevalent for sure. But emotional changes - not so much.

I'm not sure what that means yet, but I'll find out soon enough.

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