January 22, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Yes, I'm one of those non-teenaged Twilight people. Commence with the laughter, let me know when you're done...

**Fair warning before I continue - There may be Twilight spoilers in this entry. So, STOP READING now, if you haven't seen at least both movies that have been made and/or don't want to know anything about either the films or the books.**

Before the release of the first movie, I had never ever heard of the Twilight Saga. But, I've always enjoyed the genres of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror, so the previews interested me.

Well, my sister (who actually is a teenager, at least for one more year now) couldn't find anyone who was willing to go see the movie with her. Apparently, she had already read all the Twilight books, and was thoroughly in love with the story and with Edward in particular (she's always had a thing for vampires).

So, I went with her to see it. We stood in line for the midnight showing, on opening "day". Honestly, that isn't something I normally do. I don't do opening weekends as a general rule - too many people for my liking and they're usually pushy ta boot. But, I have children. And, so, this schedule worked best, since they would already be asleep and grandpa wouldn't have to do or explain too much in my absence.

Well, I loved it. I didn't have any preconceived notions about this being a "goth teenager only" story. So, I was able to enjoy it without the opinions of nay-sayers running amuck in my brain. I was also able to enjoy it without any preconceived ideas of it being the greatest thing since sliced bread!

I already knew my sister would be "team Edward". He's a vampire, it was pretty much a given. And, don't get me wrong, the guy who plays Edward is cute, a great actor, and if you've ever seen him interviewed - he's funny and dorky in a very endearing way. Still - not my cup of tea as the character of Edward.

I quickly found myself well within the parameters of "team Jacob". And, I was ever more convinced that he was the better choice, after I read the books lent to me by my sister.

Perhaps I am predisposed to werewolves in the same way that vampires stoke the fires of many women and girls. I find them certainly more masculine, more passionate (though I would agree, less romantic)... They're rougher, but often depicted as good-looking when in human form. They're just... more my style I guess.

Specifically in Twilight, I would say that the potential relationship between Bella and Jacob is portrayed as healthier and much more fun, in my opinion. I understand that she's obsessed with Edwards beauty. But, the obsession that Bella and Edward share for one another is not always shown as a healthy love for one another. I mean, really, suicide because you THINK that the woman you love MAY have died? You're really not even going to go to the funeral... check for yourself... make sure... ? You're not even going to attempt to survive... push through the pain... anything... ? Uh-huh... unhealthy!

And, I have lost love before. I have lost the kind of love that most can only ever read about. But... seriously... 3 months in a catatonic state? You're STILL unable to at least accept the loss and work toward healing? I understand the gaping hole in the chest thing. I understand the longing for that person sticking with you for months... years... even forever... But, though I could understand the urge to give up on yourself because of that pain, following through with that whole giving up on yourself thing is, again, unhealthy.

The relationship between Jacob and Bella, on the other hand, is shown as one stemming from lifelong friendship. It's slower to start and devoid of obsession. There's still that longing for one another, that need to have one another in their lives... but, it's never shown as a relationship of often unhealthy obsession that could potentially lead one party or another to kill themselves in whatever possible way they can find!

Still ... either way ... I think it's a good story. And, Alice is full of win!

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