January 19, 2010

Storms in Los Angeles

It's been raining out here, fairly consistently, for the last couple of days. Well, I personally enjoy rain. I'm sitting outside, on my front porch, right now in fact. But, the wind has also been blowing with some considerable force.

Today, there was actually a tornado warning for parts of Los Angeles and Orange County. As of right now, those warnings have been canceled. However, there may still be some parts of California that are at significant risk for a tornado. Actually, there are reports that one or two (granted - small tornados, particularly in the eyes of those who live in or near "tornado alley") have already touched down and caused damage even.

Ice... Hail... Flooding... Mudslides... Evacuations... (and, we've barely even begun with this storm)

Normally, it's drought, heatstroke, and skin-cancer causing sunburns that we have to worry about out here, weather wise.

Tornados in California? What's THAT about? I've lived here pretty much my entire life, I've had to worry about earthquakes on a daily basis. But.... freakin' tornados?!

Haiti gets the devastating quake that Californians have been dreading and anticipating for years, and California gets to worry about whether or not trailer parks will be safe from twisters? Mother nature must really be pissed about the lack of recycling going on huh? I mean, really, what in the world is going on here?

If some volcano erupts in Siberia this month or something - that's it! I want a new planet! We can call it Planet Bob, I'm cool with that. Come on NASA, get crackin'.

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