January 20, 2010

Why Am I Blogging?

I'm in the process of writing a new book. It has a sci-fi/horror theme, but its main purpose is to speak about the relationship between the majority of mothers and daughters. You know - that love/hate thing that occurs in the majority of same sex parent-child relationships.

It's rare that you hear the terms "mamas girl" or "daddy's boy". Generally speaking, not with all people certainly, parents and children of the same sex tend to have more complicated relationships with one another. So, I felt inspired by that to write something on it.

But, this will be a lengthy project, so I need an outlet to make sure that I'm still writing something, keeping the creative juices flowing in one way or another, but can also just unwind and focus on a different topic every now and then (even if that topic is just silly or funny or sad or controversial).

Also, I've always enjoyed writing in diaries and journals. In fact, among those who know me best, giving me a new diary or journal is a kind of default gift for birthdays or holidays. By doing this journal online, publicly, it also gives me the opportunity to vent or share and perhaps get feedback that a traditional journal on the nightstand near the bed simply cannot provide.

So, here I am. I'm just going to blog about whatever comes to mind; a joke I heard, a story or memory from long ago or recently, something I believe in, something that ticks me off - whatever.

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